300 for 300

Sometimes I feel so small, insignificant & invisible

A drop of water in an ocean readying itself, becoming a tsunami


Waylaid by a misconception(s) of matter(ing)

this wave your wave  of particles sweep me unwilling unwanting helpless into

becoming one with all that I reject

So fatuous for considering an offer my offer could quell the force your force determined to wreak havoc wrath revenge terror

SOMETIMES dreams grand illusions of believing belonging to Being something surpassing this this (Love lack of)

That dreams intentions & actions equate to an energy enough to thwart this  this (Love lack of) danger perceived

for real Love I feel in my heART comes to me

through me offering

an offering

my gift

my love

my trade

300 beads for 300 girls

One heart bead prays at a time



A Picture and a Poem

This column, A Picture and a Poem, that the NY Times publishes is one of my favorites.  Sometimes it inspires me, or calls out to something I’ve done that’s just sitting around, as this one did:

From NY Times:

Spring, a coy temptress in the Pulitzer Prizewinning poet Charles Simic’s ode to winter’s end, is imagined as a fallen Roman beauty by Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli.


Will you please hurry with your preparations?
We are freezing up north as you procrastinate
Like a rich lady with too many gorgeous outfits
To choose from, spending hours in front of
A mirror, trying them on and unable to decide,

While we trudge to the mailbox through wind
And snow, extract our unwilling fingers
From a glove to check if there’s a letter
From you, or just a bitty postcard, saying:
I’m leaving Carolina today, hurrying your way
With my new wardrobe of flowers and birds.

The tease! I bet she starts and forgets one of her
Hand-painted silk fans and has to go back,
While we stamp our feet and wipe our noses here,
Worrying the wood for the stove is running out,
The snow on the roof will bring the house down.


A version of this article appears in print on 03/09/2014, on page M2100 of the NewYork edition with the headline: Blossoms in the Snow.
And my imagining of spring, as inspired by all of the above – just for fun –IMG_0458

These are assorted pieces I made in the past… and though they are, mostly, out of my possession, I still love to cast my eyes on them. I’m publishing them here because I hope you will too.

This is one of the first bracelets I ever made. The third, actually. I hoped it would look like leather wrapped round and round, and I think it worked out pretty well, surprisingly. This one I still have, and still wear it.


This neck piece is the only “copy” I’ve ever done. It’s a copy of an Alexander Calder necklace. I love his work, and this piece intrigued me. I thought, well, if you want to be like the master, you must do as the master does.


These were the first two pieces I ever made in metal smithing class.


a bangle


Cuff with a clasp

This is a forever favorite

I discovered this strand of beads on my work table, just laying like this, totally random…

…and so, I shaped some wire into the same design. Not everyone notices right away… but there’s a figure in that shape … do you see it?



2012.  Etching.  "Mara: the face of the Buddhist concept of causing harm to the wellbeing of mankind by obscuring or with-holding truth and knowledge."

2012. Etching. “Mara: the face of the Buddhist concept of causing harm to the well-being of mankind by obscuring or with-holding truth and knowledge.”


2012. Brooch. The letter “H”